Top 5 Spots to Harbour or Store Your Boat in WA

Top 5 Spots to Harbour or Store Your Boat in WA

There are several locations in Western Australia where you will be able to store your boat. In fact, there are hundreds of them. We have had to whittle down these locations to just five. These are five of the best places to store your boat in the area. It is worth noting that this article is very much going to be focused on Perth, mainly because this is where we anticipate that most you will be storing your boat. We do, however, talk about a couple of regional harbours too!

Freemantle Fishing Boat Harbour

There are around 200 moorings available at the Freemantle Fishing Boat Harbour. They are available on both a long and a short-term basis. As you may have guessed from the name, this is an excellent area to base yourself in if you are planning on fishing on your recreational boat. It is not just for fisherman. It is also a fabulous place to moor your boat if you are looking to explore the clear waters around Perth. This is an excellent place to be based too. There is a lot going on. There are plenty of restaurants and attractions in this area.

Freemantle Challenger Harbour

This is located adjacent to the Freemantle Fishing Boat Harbour. It was originally built for the 1987 America’s Cup. It played host to all of the 12-metre class racing yachts which were competing in that event. Nowadays, it is very much focused on being a recreational boat harbour. There are 64 different service pens in this harbour. There are also plenty of launching ramps if you are planning to bring your boat down here. Of course, since it is located close to the Fishing Boat Harbour, you will also be able to enjoy the facilities that they offer there.

Hillarys Boat Harbour

You can find Hillarys harbour just 13 nautical miles north of Perth. This harbour is far larger than the previous ones. There are 400 different boat pens here, catering to boats of all different sizes. This is in addition to a sevice wharf, six boat ramps in which you can launch your boat, a maintenance facility, and boat lifting equipment. Basically, this is a full featured harbour.

One of the main reasons as to why people love Hillarys harbour is the fact that it is a bit cheaper to be based here than in Perth. Since you can easily reach Perth within a short period of time, it makes sense to be based here. It is still going to be easy to reach.

In addition to this, the facility has been designed to be easy to use for the disabled. Even if you are in a wheelchair, you should have absolutely no issues being able to get around the place. This is a harbour which is constantly improving. It is in a nice location too for those who want to explore the surrounding area!

Two Rocks Marina, Western Australia

This marina can be found 64km outside of Perth. The maximum length of boat that the Two Rocks Marina is able to accommodate is 20m. The maximum draught is 5m. While the services that you will be able to enjoy at the Two Rocks Marina are basic in comparison to some of the places you will be able to find closer to Perth, it does come in at a lower price.

There is water, electricity, and a refueling station at the marina. If you are new to boating, or maybe you want to learn a few additional techniques, then there are several schools operating in the area. There are several maintenance facilities, as well as a number of different ramps.

One of the reasons as to why we included this marina on the list is down to the fact that the staff that work here are incredibly helpful when it comes to ensuring that any problems are dealt with quickly. They will even be able to help you moor your boat!

Woodman Point Harbour

This is located a short distance outside of Perth, right on the Cockburn Sound. This is probably one of the most unique coastlines in Australia, which means that it is going to be fantastic to explore with your boat. Therefore, it makes a great place to moor yourself.

This is currently the largest boating facility in Perth. There are 8 boat ramps available, and a plethora of storage options. There will be further development of the harbour in the near future too.

Of course, being harboured or storing your boat in this area means that you will be able to explore the Woodman Point reserve, which is fantastic! This place is going to be great for those short term moorings while you are on holiday.